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Introduction About Bangalore

During eleventh century, King Veera Ballala had been for hunting in the thick forest. He lost his way in the forest and finally took refuge in a small hut where an old lady also lived. The elderly lady offered the hungry King a dish of boiled beans which in Kannada means “Benda Kal”.  Later, the king was out of the forest sure and safe. He was so grateful at being served the boiled beans in the dense forest; he named the new found site as “Benda Kal Uru” which in English means ‘The city of boiled beans’.

There is also less fanciful explanation for the origin of the word “Bangalore”. In Kannada, “Bengallu” means granite and “Uru” is town or a place. Since granite was found in abundant in and around the city, the “Town of Granite” could have, in the course of time, became Bangalore.

However, Bangaluru was formally founded by Kempegowda in the early sixteenth century. He built the mud fort and mapped out the extent of the city he envisioned with four watchtowers.

Later, Bangalore became an important fortress city under Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.  Hyder Ali, a military genius, and his son Tipu Sultan, played a memorable role in the history of Bangalore and India. After the defeat of Tipu Sultan, the British moved their regional administrative headquarters from Srirangapatnam to Bangalore in 1831.

Bangalore’s rapid growth began in the 1960’s when the government located key defence and telecommunication research establishments here. Over the following decades it became the science and technology center of India.

At various times in its history, Bangalore has been called the “Garden City,” “Pensioners Paradise” and “Silicon Valley of India.” Bangalore’s pleasant climate and scenic countryside have made the city a favourite place to live and work in.

Bangalore is an ‘industrial city’. It is the India’s fastest growing metropolis and has many industries manufacturing machine tools, aircraft, computers and electronics.


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