Sri Gavigangadhareshwara Swamy Cave Temple

Sri Gavigangadhareshwara Swamy temple in Gavipuram, Bangalore is a cave temple built during the period of Kempegowda in the 16th century. This temple is of historical significance and is an architectural marvel.

Cave Temple Bangalore

What is special about this temple? This temple looks like any other temple when viewed from outside.

Yes this temple will look like any other temple when view from outside. You have to get into the temple to witness the architectural marvel. And the most important is that you have to be there on the day of Makara Sankranti to witness the unique phenomena.

The unique phenomena is that a ray of sun light passes through the horns of the Nandi statue (which is outside and quite far away from the main shrine) and illuminates the deity of the main shrine.

The precision in which the rays passes through the horn of Nandi and falls on the shrine proves the technological advancements of our forefathers.

This cave temple is dedicated to the Lord Siva. However, there are idols of almost all the gods worshipped by the Hindus.


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