Yoga increases Love Hormone

Practicing Yoga helps you overcome many neurological disorders. The study conducted by Advanced Center for Yoga, NIMHANS, Bangalore has found that the practice of Yoga helps increase the level of “Love Hormone – oxytocin” by fourfold, improving the cognitive functions of Schizophrenic patients. The study was conducted for nearly three years by a team from the Department of Psychiatry of NIMHANS.

During the research, the simplest form of Yogasana and Pranayama was taught to the schizophrenic students and within months a considerable difference could be noticed. Hormone oxytocin, which improves social cognition among schizophrenic patients, had increased fourfold with the practice of yoga.”

The practice of Yoga also increased the brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF level, an anti-depressant and a marker for neuroplasticity. The patients were trained in simple asana’s for ten days and later twice a week for two more weeks. They were advised to practice yoga at home regularly for three months. The practice resulted in the increase in serum BNDF and significant improvement in the depression level.


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