French Fries can make you aggressive

Think before consuming food which contains dietary trans-fatty acids like french fries, cakes and cookies. The new study claims that these food would give you irritation and make you aggressive.

Researchers at the University of California have shown in men and women of all ages that consumption of dietary trans-fatty acids (dTFAs) is linked to irritability and aggression. The study of nearly 1000 men and women provides the first evidence linking dTFAs with adverse behaviors that impacted others, ranging from impatience to overt aggression, the PLoS ONE journal reported.

Dietary Trans fatty acids are primarily products of hydrogenation (Dietary Hydrogenated fat/trans fatty acids have been reported to increase LDL cholesterol levels relative to oil in the natural state or cis fatty acids), which makes unsaturated oils solid at room temperature. They are present at high levels in margarines, shortenings and prepared foods. Adverse health effects of dTFAs have been identified in lipid levels, metabolic function, insulin resistance, oxidation, inflammation and cardiac health.

The researchers used baseline dietary information and behavioral assessment of 945 adult men and women to analyze the relationship between dTFAs and aggression or irritability Analyses were adjusted for sex, age, education, and use of alcohol or tobacco products.

Folksden and Bangalore Folks


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